Portuguese Version The Brazilian National Cancer Institute - INCA is an organ of the Ministry of Health with a federal mandate to lead a country-wide policy for cancer control in Brazil.

The National Cancer Institute (INCA) plays a multiple role in all areas of cancer prevention and control in Brazil - prevention, epidemiological surveillance, treatment, information, education and research.

As a technical branch of the Federal Government, under the direct administration of the Ministry of Health, the Institute delivers cancer care within the Integrated Public Health System (SUS). Moreover it formulates and coordinates public policies, develops research activities and disseminates practices and knowledge on medical oncology. Due to its patterns of excellence, which are comparable to the world´s major cancer care centers, INCA has become a national and international model in cancer control.

A key factor for INCA to fulfill its mission is the dedication of our professional staff whose integrated work is based on a participative management model. In 2004 this model was incorporated with success, involving all our employees and changing for the better the delivery of services to the Brazilian population.